About Us

Smiling woman with grey Kachina t-shirt in a countryside setting.

The Kachina Name

What is a Kachina? To put this very simply, a Kachina is any one of the ancestral spirits that is a key part of the Native American life. A Kachina can represent any part of the natural elements and will bring a positive force to human life.

This is something we relate to here at Kachina Clothing. We have the utmost respect for our natural world and believe everything we do has the same passion and spirit. Whether that is sports, art, music, it is something that connects us all.

Man at the beach on a sunny day wearing a Kachina snapback cap.

Our History

Based on the East coast of England, our designs were born from a combined love of art, music and adventure sports. Many of our original designs incorporate the canvas paintings created by our founders. They then work their way on to top quality garments for all who are creative and wish to live life on the edge!

Man in the woods wearing sunglasses and a Kachina t-shirt.

Ethical Products

Our ethos is simple; we want to create great products but in an ethical way. That is why all of our garments are responsibly sourced. Many items are made with 100% recycled fabrics and all are created in factories with a living wage and a safe clean environment for its workers. Even our packaging is 100% recycled.

We aim to go even further than that still with projects designed to help the environment. Whether that is litter picking walks or sponsorship of trips for environmental causes, we want to look after our beautiful planet.